What are the signs of periodontal disease recurrence?

Persistent bad breath or bad taste in the mouth, retraction of the gums, formation of deep pockets between the teeth and gums, loose or mobile teeth. If you experience a relapse, getting immediate treatment for gum disease can help prevent serious consequences, such as tooth and bone loss. In addition, the earlier stages of gum disease tend to respond to less invasive interventions than those required for more advanced forms of the condition. Aggressive periodontitis is a highly destructive form of periodontal disease that occurs in otherwise healthy patients.

Good dental care at home is essential to help prevent periodontal disease from worsening or becoming more severe. The present study aimed to evaluate the recurrence rate of periodontal disease and its related factors in periodontal patients without regular follow-up. For most patients with periodontal disease (about 90%), regular periodontal cleanings have been shown to be effective in preventing the recurrence of gum disease. The impact of periodontal disease on your dental health depends on its severity and the treatments you receive.

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