What are the 4 signs of periodontal disease?

Spit out blood when brushing your teeth or using dental floss. Pus between the teeth and gums. Loose teeth or tooth loss. Normally, the gums should be light red and cover a good part of the teeth.

If they start to darken, it means that you have periodontal disease. It's an indication that your gums are heavily infected and need to be cleaned and disinfected. A periodontist can do this with a deep cleaning procedure called root scraping and smoothing. The periodontist will introduce a special tool and remove as much of the infected material as possible, disinfecting what is left.

With proper care, this problem can be reversed. Periodontitis is the name of the most advanced periodontal disease, and if allowed to progress to this point, not only are the gums affected, but the bone structures that support the teeth will also be compromised. So, only a dental health professional can remove tartar and stop the process of periodontal disease. CDC is currently working with key partner organizations, such as the American Academy of Periodontics and the American Dental Association, to improve and maintain surveillance of periodontal disease in adults.

CDC efforts include (developing measures for use in periodontal disease surveillance at the state and local levels) (improving the validity of prevalence estimates derived from the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey) by improving the accuracy of the clinical examination protocols used in this country survey and (development of simple measures for the detection of periodontal disease in clinical settings).

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