Can periodontal pockets heal?

Periodontal pockets can be treated and reversed with good oral hygiene or dental treatment. However, if left untreated, periodontal pockets can cause tooth loss. Root scraping and smoothing help to clean deeply in and around periodontal pockets. This procedure removes plaque and bacteria from the tooth and below the gum line.

Scraping and root smoothing help reduce periodontal pockets and can heal gum tissue. This treatment prevents further infection and keeps your teeth and gums looking good and feeling great. After root scraping and smoothing, most patients notice that their gums retract less and are restored. Dental professionals often prescribe therapeutic mouthwashes as a non-surgical way to help treat gum disease and clean periodontal pockets.

Periodontitis damages the tissues surrounding the teeth, including bones, periodontal ligaments, and gum tissues.

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